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Are You Self-Sabotaging?

A low blow to my stomach! That was how I felt when I was asked the question ‘Am I Self Sabotaging’ by my therapist! It was the first time I had heard such a question but the impact was real!

Why, because I had been asked a question that made me think and I took it really personal. It forced me to think beyond the question that was asked. After plenty of tears, I eventually answered it.

I’m not sure what my answer was to be honest, I remember being emotional yet honest! As I think about it now in conjunction with the concept of TFA (Thoughts, Feelings and Actions), I see a relationship between the two concepts. My therapist was perhaps making me question my thoughts based on the answers and actions I had communicated to her in relation to her questions.

Where am I going with this? I am going to the root of my actions - my thoughts! My thoughts which no one can control, is my starting point! It’s the starting point of taking control and disempowering everything that is otherwise self sabotaging!

Right now, the iChoose statements that I write have more power and meaning behind them. They are becoming more and more like a sieve, helping me to filter out unwanted and worthless thoughts that have triggered my feelings and eventually determined my actions.

My iChoose statements give life to me! I must now give them the time and place that they deserve in my schedule so that they get said as planned and not just written about! My iChoose statements will replace all those negative thoughts and conversations that I have about my memory, confidence and who I am. In fact any and every negative thought that attempts to stir up feelings and actions that are not of life and strength shall be put in its place! I shall replace them with what I have decided to choose!

The power of choice! Therefore iChoose, iDecide, iDetermine! It’s all within me. It’s up to me and I’m coming out with no limits holding me back! Watch this space!!


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