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Completing Is Satisfying!!

Oh woooow I’ve completed my first round of online workshops. It was a fantastic experience - a few technological glitches...but overall it was a success!

I started the development of this online course...and I've finished it! I literally put my all into it because I needed to prove to myself that I can follow through and complete a task that i have set myself or has been set! Being labelled as a non finisher has now been replaced by completer and finisher! I have been on a high ever since!

How satisfying it is to complete something, I remembered to follow though on my actions yeahhhhhhh! Not only that - the final product was excellent (if i do say so myself)!

The success of the workshop was based on a graduating success criteria. I didn't know what to expect and my success was based on:

  • Completing the virtual workshop course

  • Completing the exercises for each week

  • Completing and promote the virtual workshop in the various platforms

  • Showing up for the virtual workshop

  • Being authentic in the delivery of the contents

I’ve done my first workshop!!!! woooopwooooop! I started it!!! and i finished it!!!

There were some glitches but essentially I had an audience of a total of 7 people!!! I’m still receiving feedback - constructive criticism but overall very good feedback that will help broaden and expand the scope, relevance and applicability!

I started and I finished. I am extremely proud of myself.

My learnings from this is that!!

This is the beginning - more virtual workshops are on the horizon.

Exposure of the challenges of one that has encountered a brain injury is about to take off!!!!


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