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Day 3 #ichoose challenge

Today #ichoose to SMILE

I’ve woken up to a new day- I’m grateful!

I can hear the birds tweeting and singing and see the sun rays shining through the window. I can hear the patter of my girls' feet in their bedroom running quickly towards our bedroom.

Our bed has become an indoor trampoline with accessories available for play - Mummy and Daddy! I eventually rush downstairs to do my daily exercise with my ladies...I smile.

On Day 3 of this challenge, #ichoose to smile and focus on what I have, what I can see and all that I am imagining in my subconscious. I know that there is a Iot I do not know yet in order for me to experience my true and best self, but #ichoose to smile regardless knowing that I shall discover, uncover and enjoy my revelation on this journey of life.

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