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Day 4 #ichoose challenge

Today #ichoose to follow through on my commitments

Oh woooow. To follow through on anything is one of my biggest challenges after the Brain Aneurysm. I’ve tried post stick notes, reminders, and even accountability partners...all to try and remember and follow-up on my commitments. The pain of not remembering has made me feel like I’m stuck!! I have an internal wound that can only be felt by me but seen by everyone!

I inhale and exhale deeply...and ponder what I wish to choose to ensure that I follow through on fact all my commitments. On that note, #ichoose to wake up at least 1 hour before my girls wake up. In that hour #ichoose to review the actions of yesterday and those remaining, allocate the right day and time for remaining activities, write out and post my actions on the wall in my study, look through the actions on a regular basis throughout the day. #ichoose to work on this approach for the next 14 days to see how it goes.

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Today #ichoose - I chose to be bold. I had made the choice after opening my prayer book randomly opening on a page. I come with boldness. Hebrews 4:16.

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