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Look Forward to 2021

What a year 2020 has been!

This is my last blog for 2020, as the last day (hours and minutes) of 2020 quickly closes in.

I am excited about what I have planned. It will bless you, I am quite sure of that!

I have chosen to take back control of my months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Watch! I refuse to give room for distraction and perspectives that hold me back rather than propel me forward!

Use the remaining days (before work resumes) to be full of joy with those that you love. It is so necessary not to take family and close friends for granted. Build memories, make memories and choose to search and find a reason to be full of joy, to smile, to send a message of hope or love to someone. More and more I realise that joy is a free medicine available to cure all negative and pessimistic perspectives, emotions, people and situations. Joy is freely available to everyone without restriction! Take it...Its yours...

Choose to have a great new year - and you will experience it! Choose to view 2021 from the lens and perspective of always being glass half full, wherein lies opportunities, unbelievably great and game changing experiences...ready for you to pounce on and take! Are you willing to make 2021 a great year?

Lets go on this journey of life together, sharing, learning and growing daily. I'm looking forward to sharing our bold, daring and fearless

You Choose!!

#IChoose to choose!

#IChoose to look forward to every day of 2021!

#IChoose to be bold

#IChoose to be daring

#IChoose to be fearless

#IChoose to make 2021 my best year yet!!