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I spent the majority of the weekend looking for a particular book that I wanted to read and glean further insight from regarding brain injuries.

On Friday evening, I started the search. I searched my study, my bedroom and the kitchen to no avail! By Saturday, I was tidying and still searching for the book in the same rooms. Nothing!

Sunday came. I went to the same rooms again, but this time I didn’t touch anything, I looked with my eyes around each room... I attempted to recall when I last read the book and where I was reading it in the house. I couldn’t recall, I couldn’t answer either question!!

I inhaled and exhaled...Yet I smiled!

I smiled because I had realised that my temperament had changed and is continuing to change. Yes I was a little annoyed, but the frustration and anger that would easily overtake my day and my inner self, was under control. I was in control!!

In the same calm manner, I continued to persevere. I was even invited to a family friend’s street party. I would typically not go because I would be consumed by the situation at hand. I went anyway! My daughters and I both had an even better evening. When I came home, I said to myself: ‘Ok, one last look - if I cannot find it, I will use an alternative book’. As soon as I said that, I was prompted to look in a bag that I had just been moving from one position to another. I found it! It was in the bag that I had carried from room to room and from one position to another! Perseverance pays!

I have to say, considering the number of times an average person loses something it is both ’encouraging’ and reassuring because I know that I am not the only one (even with my experience) that easily loses things. In the same instance, I am amazed by how much time is wasted and unaccounted for because one is looking for something that should have a permanent home...time that cannot be recouped or returned!

The average person loses 9 items daily...

That’s nearly 3,300 (3,285) items per year, and about 60 hours lost per year, or close to 2.5 days. Over an average of 60.5 years of adult life, that’s nearly 200,000 (198,742) items and 3,680 hours lost !

Confronted with these statistics, I am even more determined to overcome and change my ‘typical’ experiences so that they work for my good. In doing so, I can encourage myself and others- particularly those who have experienced brain injuries- to become even better versions of ourselves, despite our current‘challenges’.


#iChoose to control how I feel about a situation or circumstance

#iChoose to be a woman, wife and mother that is patient and perseveres- not just through the good times but in all times.

#iChoose to practice ORDER every single day to reduce time/effort otherwise wasted!

#iChoose to smile even when I don’t feel like it

#iChoose to remain calm!


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