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Take Action

In the last 10 years I have been talking a lot…but in my head!

It was like every day was a groundhog day! I felt ashamed, embarrassed and a burden because of my memory - the fact that I could forget things in a minute!! And it would have to be repeated on a regular basis. It’s been painful for me!! One day I woke up and I heard “Bella, after the Corona Virus saga is over, what can you tell your girls that you did/achieved during it? On top of that keep in mind the quote that Einstein said…”in the middle of adversity lies opportunity”! I inhaled and exhaled deeply and slowly. I asked myself how can one get to the middle of anything without movement!!

Hence - Today iChoose to make moves by taking immediate action on key activities. iChoose to seek, search and take opportunities even in the midst of uncertainty, shame, embarrassment and forgetting something!!



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