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2022 is all About ...Action!

Happy 2022 to you all. I hope you have had some time to reflect and ready yourself for this new year! Wooow, first week of this new year has already passed us by! How was your break? I really hope that you took time out to reflect on 2021 - taking note of the good and the not so good moments! Either way seeking opportunities to learn and make improvements for this new year!!

I am so excited! This new year 2022 will be different! I am adamant about that because I intend to pay more attention to following through on my ...actions! Every month will have a theme and they will all end with ...action! I will share my thoughts and experiences and I hope that you will engage and comment on what resonates with you and perhaps what inspires you to take action!

The first ...ACTION I am taking this year is to introduce my Coaching services! Imagine that!

Yes, I am turning my brain injury experience into a package that can support, encourage and inspire others that have experienced a brain injury, memory loss and/or want to maximise the sharpness of their brain!

I am a Dr Amen Licensed Brain Health Trainer and Neuroencoding Specialist. I have the key to unlock your untapped or hidden potential as well as ensure that your brain remains sharp and active whether you have had a brain injury or not!

I am offering a free 30 minute introductory and exploratory brain health session.

Book your 30 minute session:

#IChoose to Make 2022 my Best Year Yet

#IChoose to Reclaim my Dreams

#IChoose to Take Practical and Immediate Action

Reclaim your dreams and take practical action!

Your Friend and Action Supporter!!



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