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2023! My Be-You-Till-Full Year of ACTion!

2023 is going to be a Beautiful year...yes a Be-You-Till-Full Year!!

How is it going so far...mine has been eventful already...job wise, emotionally wise, financially wise and more...yet I have decided to take control of my thoughts so that I can then take control over the atmosphere and everything around me!

How is your thinking going?

Have you chosen how you're going to be thinking this year?

Glass half full or half empty??

What was your thinking last year? Did your thinking get you to where you were hoping? Did your thoughts result in what you were expecting!

You choose your thoughts and your response! You are in control of that!

Decide how you're going to react (or better still) how you intend on responding to all expected AND unexpected events, situations and circumstances... BEFORE they happen!

Yes, I know its easier said than done...!

But...I have decided that 2023 will be my year to respond and not react to anything that comes my way!

I intend on showing off my beautiful self including my brain/memory. I am determined to make this year...every day of this year a Be-You-Till-Full one.

I choose to live a life of no regrets what so ever!

In fact as I have been reflecting for the last few months, it became clear that taking the ACTions that I have done to date, all contributed to 2022 being one of (if not) my best years to date!

2 of my major wins were: 1) hosting my own virtual summit; and 2) being invited and now included in the development of the Brain Injury strategy for the UK government. What an honour!

It is with this that I have concluded that I owe it to myself to Be-You-Till-Full and to focus on the glass half full perspective, what I did achieve had a greater impact on all the things that I may have not remembered! #IAmGrateful!!

This will be my backbone to how I choose to think and view everything this year!


#IChoose to be Be-You-Till-Full

#IChoose to look at all things from the 'glass half full' perspective!

#IChoose to live a life of no regrets!

#IChoose to ACT on my thoughts!

#IChoose to remain grateful!


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