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A muscle I never knew I needed!

It was a new day and another drive back from dropping my daughter at the nursery. I was listening to my thoughts, what I was thinking about? As soon as I asked myself that an intriguing question came to me - is success a muscle?

As I pondered on the question, I remembered how I got into exercising. It was a summer break from school with 6-8 weeks of no school. I had become an avid sports person at school. I played netball, rounders, tennis, and ran the 200M and 400M for my school at the time. I had raised my hand as I was interested in participating in the school sports events and I showed up during the afterschool practice sessions. I had shown interest by raising my hand to represent the school in the various sports events, BUT I showed my commitment by attending the after-school practice sessions. I pondered! That’s how my addiction (I mean my success of) consistently exercising began and lasted for over 25 years…(25 is a typo 😊).

More recently, in the last 6-8 weeks I have been attending a programme (put together by my husband and Business Partner - Online Strategist and Business Coach Caroline Oyedinma) that was all about developing a virtual workshop. I had never thought about hosting one, let alone developing one from scratch. This year 2020 (more so since the lockdown…) has been incredible, I have been saying ‘YES and’ to every opportunity that has come my way. I think about the how afterwards but just saying ‘Yes and’ has freed my mind to explore what the opportunity is all about and then later on think about the ‘how’. I love this new way of thinking because I don’t give myself room to block it because of my ‘fear’ of not remembering or following through on something!

The programme had around 12 people attending all with the objective of developing a virtual workshop that could provide extra income. It was out of this workshop (including sleepless nights, thoughts and ideas being challenged, learning to develop the site ( that I realised that when I truly focussed on something, when that something remains constantly in my view (e.g. recurring meetings) and when I have people that I am accountable to I remember.

That’s why I am so excited!!! Unconsciously I had set a success criteria for myself regarding this course. Due to the current situation of things I do not follow through on things that are important to me! This course was all about me! This course is all about my experience, my challenges and my wins. That’s why it gives me great pleasure to show it off and announce it here in my blog. Its still the beginning as I have to market it and believe that people will see the value of it and join me on it. Either way, this is the first step of success for me…even as I write/type out these words I have a smile on my face – I am proud of me!! This is a muscle that I must continue to work on!! The details of my virtual workshop are:

Title of workshop: Combat Memory Lapse or Brain Fog and Remember What Matters Most!

Date: Friday 14th August 2020

Time: 8pm (GMT)

Booking details:

#iChoose to smile

#iChoose to persevere

#iChoose to step out of my comfort zone and remain vulnerable knowing that I will build and gain more strength by doing so!

#iChoose to surround myself with the support I need to remember what I need to remember to support how I follow through on my commitments!!!

#iChoose to work my muscle of success daily, so that success becomes a natural result of everything that I commit to- even through the lessons learned along the way!

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