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A New Approach

I love this quote by Socrates. It speaks to where I am at this very moment. It boils down to…perspective.

I used to focus on where I was and what happened to me in terms of the brain aneurysm - from an embarrassed, shameful and frustrated place. I was stuck. Stuck on the impact that it had on me.

Since writing and being totally vulnerable, I have definitely seen a change in perspectives. Just before I share 2 recent instances, I’d encourage you to ask and answer the following questions:

1. Are my thoughts helping or hindering me from achieving my goals and purpose?

2. Are my thoughts translated into obvious and definite actions?

3. The words that I speak to myself, are they words of growth?

Before this blog, my answers to the above questions would have been different. Let me explain. Since the aneurysm, I have mentioned that it affected and still affects my memory. Based on this, I was so hard and unforgiving of myself, until now!

My shopping trips to the supermarket can be quite frustrating and exhausting! Why? Because I have had to teach myself to park in a certain area and enter the supermarket from a certain entrance (you see all this extra thinking I have to do, even I’m amazed at times) just so I don’t lose of the location of the car.

In my excitement to go straight into the supermarket, as there was no queue to get in, I parked in a random location as my usual spot had been sectioned off for queuing.

As soon as I entered the supermarket and got my trolley, I stopped! I inhaled and exhaled and asked myself, “Where did I park the car? And what entrance did I enter from?” I couldn’t recall either! What did I do next? I just thought, “I will sort that out when I’ve finished.” So I continued with my shopping!

When I had finished, I stood in the staging area where the two entrance points were. I inhaled and exhaled and just started walking. There were approximately 500-700 parking bays, but I refused to ponder on that. I just started walking along the paths where I could see most of the cars. I saw a car that looked exactly the same as mine and got excited because that took me no time at all.

I was really proud of myself until I saw a couple get into the car. So I said, ok it’s not that car then! I just carried on walking, looking to the left and right as calm as I could be. All of a sudden, I saw another car that looked like mine- it was my car! If you could ever see the smile on my face, honestly, the joy that I felt was priceless!!

In that moment, I did something new and something different. I made a choice! I chose to take action even though I was unsure of where I was going. I chose to actively search for what I was looking for and refuse to wallow in self-pity! I chose to take control of my thoughts and refuse any feeling that would change the positive vibe that I had.

Hence, from now on:

#iChoose to focus my time and energy on the right and uplifting perspective

#iChoose to be someone who takes positive and continuous action even in uncertain times and situations

#iChoose to actively search for what I am seeking

#iChoose to use my energy for new, positive and continuous action


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