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I Choose Active VisualisACTion!

It is so easy to think that you are taking ACTion when you are planning! When you are thinking of the steps to take, thinking about how long it will take you, thinking of when that action should be completed, thinking whether to build in contingency, thinking about who should get involved, thinking about meetings, thinking about.....oh my goodness!!!!!

I actually get the need for all of this, however I have now (and still working on it!) added actionable steps to make things happen...doing the planning and taking small action steps at the same time.

Its the small steps that are giving me results. To be specific, the virtual summit I am doing, I not only thought ad wrote down the name of the speakers that I wanted to invite, I engaged with them immediately! I contacted them using the way I knew how to, using Google, researched for their email and/or phone number and reached out to them. The response has been really really encouraging!

All the Speakers have agreed to attend!!! Yes!

I have progressed from #IChoose VisualisACTion to #IChoose ACTive VisualisACTion!

In essence ACTivating small steps that will contribute to results towards my ultimate goal. Im realising more and more that the more small steps I take, the more I am thinking about the summit and therefore remembering the actions that need to be taken! Just maybe these small steps are the same as the concept of taking 'calls to action'! Ummmmm another thing to test out and report back to you all on!

I am feeling really good about these positive steps - they have the potential to help me remember more and to follow through on what I have committed to!

#IChoose active action!

#IChoose to take small steps towards my goal!

#IChoose to take calls to action!


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