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Are You a Closed, Dripping, Running or Gushing Water Tap?

Since the Corona Virus 19 lockdown, my thinking has changed. Recently I have been thinking about the role and purpose of a water tap! When attempting to put the tap on is it serving its purpose if its:

- stuck (closed)?

- dripping?

- gushing out uncontrollably? or

- running at an even pace as expected?

As pristine and elegant a tap can look - the latter state is the option to strive for. Yet like life, one can be in pursuit of a destination and be unaware and unprepared for the inevitable bumps along the way. But those bumps don't have to block or prevent you from attaining or reaching your desired goal/destination. That is certainly my realisation, in-spite of recently accepting who I am and where I am (in life) as a result of the brain aneurysm; YES it was an unexpected and an unplanned event with great repercussions and became a closed tap. My mouth was closed, I had unconsciously closed my mouth - I became a closed tap!

Then the lockdown happened. Another unexpected and unplanned event. It's this same event that triggered and unleashed the desire that had been burning in my heart and because of life, it had been suppressed. NOW and RIGHT NOW I have not only started to drip, I am running! I am running like my life depends on it. Maybe my life does depend on it!?

#IChoose to set aside excuses!

#I Choose to run and knock down whatever is in front of me attempting to shut, stop or slow me down!

#IChoose to make unexpected events work for me!

#IChoose to live life in the constant flow of energy as I run and pursue the best version of myself.

#IChoose to consciously work on my mindset so that i think right and progressive thoughts!

#IChoose to have the right mindset, taking responsibility for my current and future actions - no excuses permitted!

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