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Are you a SPECtator or PARTaker of Life?

What is YOUR answer to the title?

My answer is split into two. Prior to Covid 19 I was certainly a SPECtator of life! I was just taking each day as it came: not living with any real intentionality or urgency! I was saying the right things, but not living the way that I was thinking or should.

One of the first things I did when the lockdown began was to reflect. I reflected on who I was, where I was and where I wanted to be for my family and I. The results of that reflection triggered me to action!

Can you imagine everyday appearing no different from the day before? That’s what it has felt like for me. Always playing catch-up from the day before, feeling like I'm on a treadmill running going nowhere! Woooooow ... it’s only as I stop, pause and reflect that I gain this insight. It cannot continue and I'm so grateful that I started my blog.

This blog is my route of escape! It’s actually my way of reflecting on a daily basis and becoming aware of my life. Instead of waiting until it’s my birthday or approaching a New Year, I can make incremental changes in my life. The iChoose statements are a game changer for me! I take control and responsibility for my life! I no longer wait to receive acceptance or acknowledgement from anyone about my thoughts. I have accepted who I am now, I have accepted that for me to progress in life it will take more concentration, more focus and more dedication than it would others.

I no longer waste my time or energy comparing or allowing myself to be compared to others. As a SPECtator of life I’ve realised that it’s similar to being a procrastinator...watching, waiting...and waiting...and waiting!!!

When does one realise that they are spending their life waiting, procrastinating or SPECtating?

That’s a roundabout life!! Moving and living but directionless!! These are hard truths for me in this season, at this time and at this stage of my life. Nevertheless I'm grateful, grateful for the awareness, realisation and the jolt that I needed!!

#iChoose to actively PARTicipate in my own life.

#iChoose to turn my life around by engaging in the iChoose statements, taking immediate action and taking responsibility for my life.

#iChoose to be a game changer to inspire others to get out of the rut that they may find themselves in.

#iChoose to encourage myself and others to take immediate action towards a goal or desire that we have in our hearts and have planned to take, yet are procrastinating.

#iChoose to smile through it all.


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