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#Be An Overcomer and Overcome The Odds!

So...a few months ago I was asked to be featured in a magazine.

WHAT!!! ME!!

As the question was asked and landed in my conscious mind, I thought - me...Annabel Aaron...really! What do I have to say? What do I remember that people would want to hear? Do I remember enough to fill up a paragraph let alone a feature in the magazine? I had a myriad of thoughts, questions, doubts and criticisms racing through my mind.

Whilst the nagging and negative thoughts were throwing darts at me, I refused to listen to them any longer - I quickly said 'yes of course I'll do that'. I took charge of my thoughts and spoke back to it by taking immediate action and committing myself to the write-up.

I am so glad that I did. How Tricia Scott (the CEO and Founder of The Female CEO magazine) so articulately captured my thoughts and even my mood concerning my experience of the brain injury is amazing. I believe that this experience is what many people may need to hear to get them out of their current situation! If anyone thinks of themselves as less than, permits excuses without attempting to take any form of action to support themselves, push themselves forward, sits in pity-land (which I had done for the last too many years to count...) then read my story.

Trust me...I know that I have the best excuse that shuts people up instantly when it comes to me not following through on a task/action - especially those who know my story! But you know what! I am adamant not to use that as an excuse or to allow myself to live a limited life. Yes, I may have a good reason for not following through on my commitments - but that is me settling for my current situation and challenges! Nope, I accept responsibility, I accept who I am today and absolutely determined and adamant for the sake of my family and my future generations that there is no way that I am settling...and excuses are not permitted!


My new year 2021 is going to be incredible, memorable and transforming...and it begins Right Now! As the title of the article states I am one who has overcome the odds. I will continue to do that daily! So can you!!

It is my desire that whatever you may be battling with - that you recognise that you have more strength within you than you realise! Take positive action to overcome whatever you are facing or challenged with!

I am routing for you!! "Excuses are the enemy and action is your friend!" Annabel Aaron

#IChoose to take charge of and speak back to all negative thoughts that dare enter my mind!

#IChoose to say excuses are the enemy and action is my friend daily! That is my personal statement and I am sticking with it!

#IChoose to pursue, succeed and follow through on all and everything that I am committed to!

#IChoose to overcome the odds!! Whatever they may be!

#IChoose to be an overcomer!!!

For the full article please go to pg44 - (Overcoming The Odds by Annabel Aaron)


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