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Be Flexible

I went on another shopping trip to the supermarket. I've mentioned previously that there are a few locations that I always park my car in so that I know where I have parked the car. On this particular day all the parking areas that I would use were all taken. I could not believe it! A little flustered, I drove around the car park looking for an obvious space that I would be able to find after shopping.

As I drove around the car park - I had a thought - what if I parked in a space that is less likely to be used by other people? Ummmmmmm, so I started looking. I looked on the outskirts of the parking lot, further away from the supermarket, and there were plenty of spaces. I smiled to myself - secretly proud of the fact that I found another way to address such a seemingly small problem.

In that situation, I chose to take control and responsibility, I chose to respond in a way that would work for me and what I needed to achieve. I chose to take charge of my feelings by not focusing on the situation but focusing on the outcome that I wanted to achieve.

In reflection, the fact that I took positive action immediately, not allowing myself to be overwhelmed by a forced change and choosing to smile as the situation unfolded really had a positive impact on me. I'm loving how I am choosing to respond to situations, what I am learning about myself and how I choose to be more flexible when change is imposed upon me. The fact that I responded to that situation as I did, opened up the possibility of solutions. A lot for me to learn in such a 'small' situation. Hence,

#Ichoose to focus on the outcome and not the situation

#Ichoose to take positive action immediately

#Ichoose to be flexible so i can respond positively in every circumstance

#Ichoose to take charge of my feelings


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#Ichoose to focus on the outcome and not the situation - I like this Annabel, at times I have focused too long on the situation.

#Ichoose to focus on the outcome...

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Eloho Efemuai
Eloho Efemuai
08 jul 2020

I choose to be flexible so I can respond and not react. Thanks Annabel

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