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Being Authentic! My Brain Health Stimulator!

Yes... this is the truth! and I'm sure your asking how!

The last few weeks have been excruciatingly difficult for, life/family changing decisions, finances, name it its been a talking point and discussion if not with my my head and through prayers (thanks to prayer warriors who have taken it upon themselves to pray for us as a family). It came to a boiling point when my girls were being impacted...and in the face of it, my husband and I had to make some instant decisions.

All through last week I held on to the strength that I had been armed with through reading the Bible, The Soul Fast and Outwitting the Devil. I was determined not to fall under the pressure that we were in! I showed up for work, prepared for all my meetings, facilitating and making decisions as normal. I also had to engage my girls with activities that would occupy them, as watching TV was not an option...particularly as it was a school day.

Nevertheless, I remained true to myself...I embraced my authentic self! I refused to make rash decisions and continued to wake up and protect my quiet time. Its in those quiet times, early morning - that I was undisturbed and could read the Bible and just think! Those moments...those moments first thing in the morning are like treasure to me. Its these moments that allowed me to think about the day ahead and determine not to react to anything. Rather ponder on it and be led to make the right decisions. Difficult as these decisions were, which included withdrawing some initial decisions that we had made - I chose to remain calm! I was talking to myself...I refused to react and be subjected to the chains of circumstances. I chose not to allow those circumstances to control my mood and my day!

I chose to remain true to myself. I chose to remain focussed and determined to not just go through it...but be proud of the results at the end. I chose to remain true to myself regardless of the difficulty we faced at that time. Do you know...making that decision stimulated my mood and my overall countenance. No one would ever have known (maybe I had lost a little weight if I'm honest) what we were going through. I chose to be authentic...when asked how I was, I would ask for prayers...prayers of of strength, favour and direction. Although everything is not all resolved, I have remained strong and we have received favour and direction in different areas.

My morning moments where I read the Bible, meditate and visualise my day is treasure to me. Doing that daily as well as reading/studying (literally) the 40 day Soul Fast book (reading with some Sister Friends of mine) and Outwitting the Devil (also reading with a good friend of mine) have been my rock. They have allowed me to express myself in a way that I am proud of...regardless of what was being thrown at me!

#I Choose to remain authentic so my brain is and continues to be stimulated!

#I Choose to remain in this state of calm and in control

#IChoose to be authentic and embrace my now!

#I Choose to smile...just because!

#I Choose to be and remain positive!


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