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Choose to be Grateful...

I woke up this morning! Grateful.

I could see with my eyes, I could feel the ground with my feet, I could smell the air as I inhaled, I could feel my hands rubbing along my arms and I could taste the fresh eclectic mix of fruits that I made as my 'trigger' and 'spark' fruit juice.

I was smiling with peace in my heart and joy over my face!

I was reflecting over the last couple of days. Last week had to be one of the best weeks I have had since I can remember. The good news and opportunities that came within hours of each other confirmed that I am on the right track. Grateful!

My mood and overall countenance has begun to change - I've started to reflect on previous months - particularly last year. This year 2022 is different. I made up my mind at the end of 2021 that 2022 was going to be different. My pursuit of the goal and recent results in what I was striving for boiled down to two things! 1) The unshakeable decision to pursue ACTion and refuse for 2022 to be like previous years - and 2) Gratitude...I chose to be grateful in and through all circumstances that dare to come my way.

Choosing to be grateful was worth it. It may sound odd...and I have mentioned it in previous blogs but finding my happy spot made a huge difference in the start of my days. I would watch the sun rise first thing in the morning. In those moments the thoughts and ideas that would come to me have literally changed my life. They changed my life because in those few moments I took immediate action on every single one of those thoughts. Those thoughts that I turned into ACTion have resulted in me being given an opportunity to change and impact lives based on my experience of a brain injury.

Gratitude has brought inner joy along with it. My smile has changed because I took ACTion whether it sounded realistic or plausible or not. I believed in it! I believed for it ( ).

Believing for it...smiling through it... triggered me to take ACTion. ACTion that has brought out the best in me! ACTion that has crossed out the need for permission. ACTion was my key!

ACTion would separate me from all the past years!

ACTion would move me forward

ACTion would support my growth and move me away from stagnation

ACTion would allow stories to be told as I encourage others to "Love Your Brain" by taking care of it.

Staying in a place of gratitude was great for my brain.

Gratitude is so powerful.

#IChoose to be Grateful

#IChoose to Love my Brain

#IChoose to Allow Gratitude to influence my Mood and Overall Wellbeing

#IChoose to Feed my Brain Memories of Appreciation and Gratitude

#Gratitude is Food for the Brain!

With Gratitude Annabel.x


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