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Contributing to the Governments Acquired Brain Injury Strategy! I Am Grateful!

Its taken me years to realise that I have a voice...a voice that needed to be heard!

A voice that has much to say, express and share...

A voice that could and would strengthen, benefit and encourage others.

A voice that is willing to disclose the failures, vulnerabilities and self sabotaging episodes that has shaped who I am today!

A voice that can today say, that in-spite of the negative thoughts and actions, the set backs and failures...nonetheless I am grateful!

Grateful that 12 years after the brain injury and 2 years after starting my blog...I have been selected and asked to be part of a panel of survivors, professionals, government representatives and organisations to review and contribute to the development of the governments strategy regarding Acquired Brain Injury led by the MP Chris Bryant.

We have had 2 sessions already and it has been humbling. Humbling to be part of such a discussion and humbling to be able to use my brain injury experience to shape improvements within the NHS.

As I reflect, I ponder on how I got to this point!

It was a switch in my thoughts!

I realised that I had to change my thought pattern. My current thinking was not moving me forward or making me better!

On the contrary... and I had to make a decision!

I had to accept responsibility for what had happened in order for me to move forward with the right thoughts and view point! I had to take ACTion! I had to move forward even when I did not know exactly where I was heading!

Blogging has been crucial for me!

My environment, my friends, my family and my Coach all contributed to who I am today (contact me regarding Coaching :-)).

Now my experience is of significance!

I am smiling with glee! Thank You Lord!

I am so grateful that I made the right choice!

I chose to use my experience so others can benefit from it...hence me becoming a Coach and hence this incredible opportunity coming my way that I will maximise to help shape the Acquired Brain Injury Strategy which will in turn impact the lives of plenty! Thank God!

Don't allow yourself to accept excuses! We are all guilty of that...and that can keep you stuck and shut up! Therefore...

#IChoose to continue to voice my views, even when it is not obvious that I am being listened to!

#IChoose to share my vulnerabilities so that others can learn and be strengthened

#IChoose to be grateful every single day

#IChoose to use my voice and experience to release people that may feel stuck!


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