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Does adversity choose its victim?

What a question? Where has it come from? To be honest I’m just in a very reflective mood - maybe it’s because we are all in a ‘lockdown’, so I feel forced to think! So, does adversity choose its victim? Or is it based on the sequence of events and decisions that we make?

Ummmmm are we even in control of the decisions we make or are we just playing out the decisions that have already been made!? Honestly, I ask myself these questions and more specifically;

Why can’t life just be easy!

- Why do things have to be this difficult!

- Why did I have to go through what I went through?

- Why has it taken this long to accept what happened to me in 2010?

- How can I forget what is told to me within a few seconds or minutes?

- How much detail do I need to add into a reminder so I can remember exactly what it is that I need to do? Wooow questions upon questions and so much more!! Which brought me to the primary question - Does adversity chooses its victims or not... I don’t have a categoric answer - except that! iChoose to make my life’s experiences less about me and more about how I can support and encourage other people. iChoose to be vulnerable through these blogs because clamping up and appearing like all is perfect has got me...well not very far! And you know what? iChoose to make sure all adverse situations (whether it relates to the after effects of 2010) will work for my growth and benefit from today!

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