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Gifting Adversity

This is my month! Its my birthday today and I am forever grateful that I am alive to experience it - Thank You Lord.

So I have mentioned quite a few times the term 'Gifting Adversity' and the fact that it came from God. In it I have found strength! I ponder on it quite a lot, not for the sake of pondering on it - but to extract all that I can to learn and apply in my day to day activities. Its the noun 'adversity' that has struck me the most! When I browse the meaning of it online, it sounds and looks quite a positive and attractive experience to go through!

In fact it is these adjectives/nouns that I will be paying attention to in my first (of many) blog series. Each month - I will be giving a theme for my blogs for that month. Expect to not only learn about the broad, beneficial and value of the word 'adversity'. Expect your mindset to be shaken! Trust me - the lens with which you will be viewing adversity from will alter! You will begin to accept and seek adverse situations with the confidence that you will experience the 'Gifts' as indicated in my poster.

During this new blog series, I am certain that your perspective on adverse circumstances will change. How can I be so sure? I am using my experience of the brain injury as my sign post. I didnt ask to have a brain injury, yet I accept that it happened and that I must take responsibility for it, so that my life can be great regardless of any limitations or restrictions that I may experience.

#I Choose to seek and find the gift and benefits of every adverse situation that I find myself in!

#I Choose to accept what I cannot change and find other ways of making things better!

#I Choose to smile and enjoy every day that I wake up

#I Choose to find reasons to be grateful


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