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Grateful for my Peace of Mind!

Do you know what your 'happy place' is?

Somewhere you can run to, to regain your sense of peace, calm and control? I have discovered mine and because I know it, I can control my response to most if not all situations and circumstances that I find myself in.

What is that place that you can run to?

A place that you don't have to rely on transport, money, family or friends? I have 2!

Firstly, looking at the sky...particularly when the sun is rising or setting. The joy is indescribable.

Secondly its music, I am a gospel music fan and at this present moment I listen a lot to Cece Winans 'Believe For It', Chandler Moore (song - Jireh) and more recently Nathaniel Bassey 'See What the Lord has Done'.

The more I run to these music, the mode dependant I become on staying in that 'happy place'. The atmosphere changes and my thoughts become filled with ideas, clarity , strength, prompts and even the urgency to take necessary action - action that could set me apart and raise my profile all in line with my purpose! One of these being to 'transform the stigma and the taboo' attached to brain injury'!.

I show my gratitude in these moments by taking immediate action on the ideas and prompts that I receive!

#IChoose to remain grateful for as long as I can!

#IChoose to enjoy and cherish my happy place and moments!

#IChoose to show my gratitude


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