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Grateful that I can smile...Just because!

When was the last time that you smiled...just because!...

Just because its a new day, you are alive, you remembered what you did yesterday, you can remember what day it is, you woke up to the sun rise...or whatever it is! You smiling 'just because' is you taking back full control of your life and deciding how you will respond to smiling!

That 'smile anyway, to smile regardless of whatever it is that needs confronting, addressing and/or finishing is you taking control and taking responsibility for how you want to feel. This is something that took me years to realise! Regardless of my life experiences and challenges -

#IChoose to be grateful of what I can learn from it!

#IChoose to be grateful of how I can grow from it!

#IIChoose to be grateful of who I can become and who I can help...because of it!

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Gwyneth Boynes-Forbes
Gwyneth Boynes-Forbes

I am so grateful that God will never leave me. His Holy Spirit is my advocate forever

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