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Interrupting my Thoughts with a Gratitude Challenge

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

I Choose to do a 7 Day Gratitude Challenge!

I have had the urge to do a gratitude challenge!

To post something regarding gratitude for as long as I can…starting with 7 consecutive days from today, so that it will trigger and cause a positive change/shift in both my thoughts and behaviour!

I’ve been dwelling on the gratitude challenge since my last post and I was engaged in conversation with one of my clients. This particular client resides in Abu Dhabi…he knows himself🤗…

He contacted me with a question…”what is it about gratitude Annabel, why do you make me write something I’m grateful for daily’?

As I was answering the question, at the same time I was asking…

1)Annabel what does gratitude ACTUALLY mean?

2)Have you REALLY thought about the benefits of ‘gratitude’ ? and

3)Why do you THINK that ‘gratitude’ is an integral habit to master for anyone including and especially those that are negative in whatever capacity (i.e. having experienced a brain injury or anything else!?)

4)HOW can gratitude be a 'GAME CHANGER' of someone's life if they EMBRACE the concept fully?

What were my answers your probably thinking/asking!!?

Well I haven't got full answers just yet!…

Being the academic that I am - I have done some research though.

The research I have done and still doing - has blown my mind. I have been introduced to a new definition, dimension and perspective of gratitude!

I will share my findings/revelations! during this ‘Gratitude’ challenge that I am taking myself thROUGH.

What I have found out so far… has already triggered a change. Again I will share during my blogs.

Let’s journey together on this gratitude challenge!

What do you have to do?

Send or post something daily that you are grateful for?

Let’s do this for at least the next 7 days and take it from there.

Interrupt your current thoughts and be grateful!

#IIChoose to be grateful specifically for 16 years of marriage!

#IChoose to have a grateful attitude from now on

#IChoose to post a blog or an encouraging message regarding ‘gratitude’ for the next 7 days. If I don’t for whatever reason - I will re-start the 7 days.

Join me on this Gratitude Challenge so you too can share what YOU are grateful for.

Subscribe below and post - its that easy!


4 comentarios

Daniel Kwakye
Daniel Kwakye
08 oct 2022

Today I grateful that with all my shortcomings Jesus still loves me.

Me gusta

I am so grateful for an awesomely peaceful evening yesterday spent with my family, movie night( Mr Bean's Holiday) and loads of ice cream

Me gusta

Today I am grateful for seeing the sun setting in Dubai

Me gusta

Toyin Opebiyi
Toyin Opebiyi
08 oct 2022

Great challenge!

Me gusta
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