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Gratitude Vs GrACTitude

I promised that i would share some of my learnings as I dig a little deeper into the concept of 'gratitude'. Well, one of the most thought provoking realisation was a definition that I came across that almost knocked me off my chair! not joking.

The definition that has not left my memory is this;

'gratitude is the being and showing of appreciation of a person, thing or activity'. Did you catch the game changing element of that definition?...being and SHOWING appreciation, not being or showing, but rather being AND showing!

Its this definition that made me rethink my understanding of the concept and perhaps the need for me to dig a little deeper so that I can know and truly reflect gratitude the way that it really means. So in day 4 or so of this 7 day journey i have a renewed understanding of gratitude. Its not just the (e.g.) the saying of thankyou etc, it is the SHOWING appreciation that wooow'd me. That next layer of gratitude (which makes perfect sense) of showing appreciation is my learning and action point that I want to work on. Saying is one thing...the showing is the next level and actually it really does make you dig deep into what gratitude means and requires of us if we truly are grateful for that 'thing'.

What this means is that there is a slight change in the way that I am currently approaching this gratitude challenge. I must now show and cite examples of gratitude - ie how i felt grateful AND how i showed appreciation. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This is going to put me to the test! Hence

#IChoose to accept the challenge of not just BEing grateful, but also to show my gratitude.

#IChoose to take action that reflects my gratitude


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