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I Am Grateful For...

Updated: May 12, 2020

Unexpected jumps on the back whilst sleeping = children to hug and love. Rooms to keep clean = A house that I can call a home Clothes piled up to be washed = A wardrobe of clothes to choose from. Dirty dishes in the sink = Food available to cook and eat. Food on the floor under the kitchen table = Family meals enjoyed by all Grocery shopping to unpack = Money in the bank. Screaming and sounds of the trampoline = Children having fun. Constant questions including ‘Why!?’ = 'Inquisitive’ children.

YES I AM GRATEFUL for all this and more! PERSPECTIVES. We can and in most instances tend to focus on the left hand side of my poem. The negative side! We resign and accept so easily what life throws at us. As I contemplate this, I ask myself, what if...what if my perspective to my memory changed? What if I laughed off the things I may forget and just address whatever it is as soon as I remember - with a smile and not a frown? What if I continue to test and seek systems that may not work initially but eventually and through perseverance I find that One Thing that works for me? What if I choose to throw back at life more than what it throws at me? I ponder on this and then decide: Ichoose to continuously pursue and fight for what I am aiming for!! I Choose to learn and see everything from a positive perspective. I choose to respond to anything that I may forget with calm and a forgiving attitude. I choose to continue smiling daily.


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A grateful heart always! You can never go wrong with it! 🙏🏽🙏🏽


Beatrice Lawale
Beatrice Lawale
12 maj 2020

Yes! We should always be grateful. Almost as if we are saying I choose life. Every gratitude is life. A good reminder Annabel 😀

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