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I Get It!!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

I love driving my daughter to nursery- especially when I’m coming back and it’s me, myself and I in the car!!! I can hear myself think- when you intentionally take time out to do so; it’s amazing what you can hear yourself think about.

I was thinking about the weekend that had just gone. It was another great time of reflection. I was sent on a weekend away and woooooow when I got into the room at about 19:45 and put my bags down...the next thing I remember was waking up at 04:45! When did i lie down on the bed? or when did i close my eyes? I knew from that point that my weekends alone were absolutely necessary and crucial for me - I need to plan them and make no excuses not to have them!

It is so easy to focus on all the things that one does not have. But this time I intentionally focused on what I had achieved so far. In fact this Covid 19 lockdown was my excuse to get out of the box that I had unconsciously put myself in. I realised that since the lockdown I had achieved a lot more than what I would have if the year had gone as normal as the world expected.

I wrote down some of the achievements so far:

1) Started a blog (wooooopwooooopwooooop) -

2) Almost completed the design of a virtual workshop that I am currently designing. This one has been a real stretch, as I have had to familiarise myself with a platform called Kajabi, whilst at the same time actually developing the course on it - all at the same time. The course is certainly maturing, last week, it had a title that was a mouthful but now, it is called: ‘Combating Memory Loss or Brain Fog’ .

3) Identified 2 additional projects that are in motion with other people.

At least I have started and I am making moves to enrich my life. That feeling of being stuck is no longer as strong as it was prior to the lockdown. Movement and progression. I am making moves, I am not allowing my mind to wonder freely as I had been doing unconsciously. I Get It! I am continually and consciously taking control back of my thoughts, feelings and actions. I Get It! I have to accept and take responsibility for my life. I Get It! Talking, writing, speaking are all forms/means to release the weeds that could otherwise be building in my mind - I have taken back control! I Get It! I control my life and everything within and around it. I Get It! I need to run after all that i desire! Therefore, without hesitation:

iChoose to show my vulnerabilities as I gain strength as I do so

iChoose to seek approval from myself when I desire and dare to do something out of my comfort zone

iChoose to keep running after the life I see in my mind’s eye!

iChoose to enjoy and smile everyday


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