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#IChoose The 80/20 Rule of Life!

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you stop yourself from starting or finishing something…because you are thinking about all the actions/tasks required…and not just required ….done perfectly??

I have been that person!

Being a perfectionist shows itself in so many areas of life and my Manager caught it!

We were reviewing some of my work and then my Manager asked whether I can get it completed by the end of the week!

In that moment I started to think about all that was required to get it done and then all the other things that i also needed to complete!

I then responded.

My hesitant response must have given my reservation away as my Manager said “Annabel, just get your work over the line….we don’t have time for perfection- apply the 80/20 rule”!

Mind explosion!


The 80/20 rule!!…

I’ve known about this phenomenon since uni, BUT applying it has been more of an unconscious scatter gun approach! Depending on what needed doing - I would apply the 80/20 rule!

So I began to ponder on this phenomenon…what is interesting is that I have been applying the 80/20 rule in my life…but sporadically!

For Example, the whole planning and execution of my ‘Be Brain Fit for Work and Life’ Virtual summit. I focussed on the goal and not the detail - making sure that the main items were all in place and consciously not looking or waiting for perfection!

If something couldn’t be done when expected I’d just move on to the next person or action. I didn’t allow anything or anyone to stop my flow of determination. Whatever needed doing I would find away! It may not have been as planned…it may not even have been perfect…but I would get the job/task done!

In hindsight I really lived those moments and the results proved that!

That vigour, grit and ‘no nonsense’ type approach to taking ACTion needs to return…and once it’s returned…remain!!!!!

It’s something that I have to choose and consciously choose and take ACTion on!

Ummmm how do I do that?

How can I do that?

How can #IChoose for this 80/20 rule to become part and parcel of my life… to show up not in some areas of life…but in every area?

I’m pondering on the question!

Where do i start! In fact I’ve already started…Take ACTion…immediate ACTion!!!


#IChoose to focus on the goal of taking ACTion!

#IChoose to focus on the WHAT more than the HOW!

#IChoose to apply the 80/20 rule in all areas of my life!


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