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#IChoose to SEEk...

I dropped my daughter off at nursery the other day and whilst driving back home I could hear myself saying - Annabel be conscious! I thought, what is that supposed to mean? When I thought about what the 'it' was referring to, 'it' was referring to my driving and my surroundings...I was on auto-pilot!...driving and not paying close attention or thinking about how to drive or even where I was going!

As soon as I plugged into my present state, I could hear and feel myself breathing. The air going through my nostrils, through my lungs and into my rib cage! As I exhaled, I could see my chest moving up and down. The birds tweaking away as I looked at the stream of green grass that I was passing by as I drove...and then....wait...what was that!!? Through the woodland of trees (that I had been passing for over 10 years) I suddenly saw a contradiction of colours. It was a deep rich mix of purple and lilac (of what seemed like) grass, flowers or something!! Either way it caught my attention and I was amazed!

In that moment I asked myself where that field had come from? Where had my eyes been looking all these days, months and even years...such that I had never seen it all this while!!! That was it! I was looking and not see(k)ing.

I'm sure I have touched on this topic before in one of my previous blogs, but in that moment of asking myself the question (i.e. what is the difference between looking and seeking?), I understood the difference! As I was driving I was seeking and not just looking! I was searching for something even if I was doing so subconsciously.

Its funny (and excuse the pun!) you can see the verb SEE in the verb SEEK, and that's what I was doing whilst I was driving. I was driving and paying close attention to my surroundings, I was engaging with the moment...and whilst doing that realised something that had always been present.

...I'm thinking that the way I consciously engaged in my surroundings, using all my senses, being fully present in that moment...all contributed to it! Thinking about this has made me think about how I should engage my memory more, concentrate more and apply my memory to an action/activity that requires focus. Thus I want to take my memory on a journey, a journey that will challenge my current thinking, what I remember, what #I Choose to remember, what #I Choose to pay attention to and what #I Choose to seek!

In short:

#IChoose to seek and be present throughout the day

#IChoose to be aware of my surroundings and take stock of what I am doing

#IChoose to seek and follow through on ALL of my commitments

My next blogs will be exciting...I am going to base it on 2 books, one being my ( )journal and a book that I am studying as part of a Mastermind that I am part of! Get ready...Get Ready...Get promises to be enlightening, thought provoking and the releasing of all those unwanted and weighty thoughts!


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