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#IChoose VisualisACTion!

ACTION is a key word for me this year 2022.

I’ve been reflecting a lot since the beginning of the year and feel like I have been thinking more than I’ve been taking ACTION over the years.

Not that thinking is bad because it really is not - but I just feel strongly that taking ACTION…positive ACTion impacts our brain!

So I am going to put this theory to the test!

This year there are a number of things that I want to achieve…another virtual summit is top of my list. I’m going to use my blog as my way of charting my journey of taking action relating to the summit!

My virtual Summit will be over 2 days in April, tentative dates are 29th and 30th April 2022 - with phenomenal guest speakers including Experts and ‘Survivors’ of a brain injury!!

So reserve these dates in your diary - 29th and 30th April 2022!!

The vision, planning, implementation as well as the different moments of remembering and not remembering (:-)) will all be shared in my blog! You may ask why I would want to do this! There are a number of reasons besides proving to myself that I can and will make the brain injury experience a blessing such that others can learn and be inspired to strive and become more than they are now, it helps to 1)flush out what’s on my mind that maybe taking up space and 2) by writing and posting this blog…charting my course of VisualisACTion…I.e. VISUALising my vision regarding my summit and taking corresponding ACTion towards my goals and objectives…I intend on proving how one can choose and dictate something positive out of what can be viewed as a traumatic experience!!

In no way am I saying that everything will be perfect…far from it - but I believe that there will be a ripple effect - as I take positive action towards something that is meaningful to me and my memory!!!

So …

#IChoose to take ACTion on my vision

#IChoose to believe that following through on ACTions that are meaningful to me will improve my memory

#IChoose to believe that the results of my ACTions will improve my memory

#IChoose to believe that visualisACTion is a game changer


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