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Integrity and The Art of...

How can Remembering be an art and what has it to do with Integrity - your probably asking yourself? and that’s a fair question!

So, I experienced a brain aneurysm in 2010 ( on the 1st April...of all 365 days of the year - please go to for fuller details), and its only in this lockdown season that I have accepted that it happened and more importantly the person that I am today! Just to add (and I will share at some point) the beautiful opportunities that have come my way as a result of this experience is (for me - and excuse the pun) mind blowing!

My memory is what was and still is affected. The same memory that is said to be the fabric of our souls and accommodates our; joys, hurts, life lessons, recalls important and memorable information/events...only the makeup of our personality and character! In addition to all of that it contributes to ones values and outlook on life! This is huge!! Thats the totality of who we are - don’t you think?

Its our memory that enables us to remember right? It’s fair to conclude then that without our memory or at least the support of a memory independent system ones integrity is compromised!

In fact, I will take it one step further and say that without the ability to remember, one would be associated as:

  • not one of integrity,

  • unreliable,

  • irresponsible,

  • Inconsistent

  • Undependable

  • And so forth...

and I’m quite certain that a number of these adjectives have been associated with me!!

Hence the need for memory exercises.

Memory exercises are allowing me to store the important and necessary information and recall on them when I need it most. It’s the memory exercises that I can rely upon so that others can rely on me! Honestly without it (and I have sooooooooooo been there) I would remember most things (if at all) after the point that it’s needed and what’s the point or value in that!

So to remember has now become an art that I am in the process of mastering!! Not something one would think that they would need to or have to proactively and consciously work on - nonetheless something I am being incredibly fascinated by and grateful for!!

As I master the art of remembering through the memory exercises - I’d like you to remember to be grateful. Be grateful that you can remember! that you can recall what you need when you need it! that you have memories or events and celebrations that come easily to you! That your integrity can never be questioned in the context of following through on your commitments! Be grateful, as for some we have to intentionally work on characteristics that for others are natural!

Be Grateful!!

#IChoose to be grateful for all the things I do remember

#IChoose what I think and dwell upon

#IChoose to continue sharing my wins and my learnings to encourage you and I that we can overcome any barrier or limitation set before us!

#IChoose to remember and keep remembering what I choose to remember!!!

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