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Its My Right to be Who I am!

Someone recently tapped me on my shoulder this weekend and whispered in my ear...You Annabel Aaron have no right to remain less than who you are supposed to be! I said WHAT!? WHAT are you talking about? They then went on to emphasise that I was committing an offence as long as I am living less than who I am!


Heavy right?

That person was my subconscious self! That little voice that is part and parcel of who you are! That voice that often speaks the truth when you don't want to admit it or hear from it! That little voice that had laid dormant or I had not given it room or time to hear from it!

This weekend I heard from it loud and clear!

That's my primary reason for returning back to blogging. Blogging allows me to converse and talk to myself in a positive way. I can filter out unwanted and negative thoughts that are occupying space in my mind! At the same time I can pour out my joy so that there is room to receive more :-).

This was one of the key messages that came out of this weekend. A weekend away that focussed on rejuvenating oneself - in preparation for 2022. It was truly an amazing, eye opening, prompting and mind-shift event! This year I have had plenty of battles, battles within my mind that I have spoken and shared with very few people. After that retreat I am certain about 2 things:

1) My new year starts right NOW and

2) ACTION like persistence is one of my closest friends and companion.

PERSISTENCE and ACTION are my closest friends. What do I mean by this? Regardless of challenges, situations, circumstances that happen to me, I find myself in or even don't follow through on because of my memory (that is and continues to improve!!) I am determined to always call on one of these take ACTION or to remain PERSISTENT. Yes there is certainly some correlation between this verb (i.e. ACTION) and noun (i.e. PERSISTENCE).

I am getting excited now to uncover and experience the value of my friends ACTION and PERSISTENCE. When I think of taking and following through on my actions, I strongly believe that it will have a positive knock on effect on my memory. In fact - if I get into the habit of taking immediate action, I am sure that I will actually reduce the chances of not remembering or following through on something!!!! I am going to give this a go thus week. Focus on taking action and being persistent with that!!

#IChoose to accept who I am right now!

#IChoose to say yes to persistence!

#IChoose to say yes to taking action immediately!

#IChoose to say yes to change!

#IChoose to say yes to uncovering my true self!


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