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Laugh! Your Medicine to a Healthier Brain and a Brighter You!


I have chosen to laugh regardless.

Yep! I have chosen to enjoy my moments in-spite of the challenges, knock-backs and even the mistakes I have made...yet with these mistakes #IChoose to set myself up to learn from each and every one of them!

What else can I do?

Anything else will take me down a road that is unthinkable and frankly not me!

So #IChoose to ride through the storm of life as I have been doing, with the certainty that I will come through it giggling...laughing...! I will be stronger, better and brighter.

The laughter that I am seeking to comfort me is making me smile even as think about and write this blog. I can understand why laughter is a great medicine...not that the circumstances have changed, but it makes you think and be better positioned to #I choose my thoughts, feelings, behaviour and responses! In so doing, my brain is getting its dose of free and ever available medicine, resulting in better brain health!

I know it sounds odd...even a contradiction, how can one laugh and be smiling when you are going through lifes storms/challenges!? But there is strength, peace and comfort if one chooses to take this (better) route! laugh 'thROUGH' it!

It will make the journey thROUGH...that little bit easier to handle!

So I am grateful for this realisation (note that I still have my spurts of moods :-))... I am grateful nevertheless and will catch myself when my thinking is not correct or profitable!

#IChoose to laugh

#IChoose to giggle :-)

#IChoose to smile

#IChoose to ride thRough the storms of life and become even stronger!


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