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Life in Seasons...

My view of life is subtly changing…for the good and benefit of maximising my life!

I was in discussion with my husband and he reminded me of a thought I had been meditating on over the last few weeks. It’s about the seasons of nature, spring, summer, autumn and winter!

A tree, whether it grows best in the autumn has to endure the seasons of summer and winter. The tree cannot run, hide or decide that today it will hibernate! has to stand and endure everything that is thrown at it, knowing that soon it will change/end!

If only we could view life constantly from that lens. The lens that life will inevitably throw at you more than you think you can handle...but with certainty that we can handle it!! What will make it easier is recognising the season that you are in. Do you know what season you are in?

If you imagine yourself (play along with me here) as a tree in the middle of a field - how would you describe the season that you’re in now.. right now! For me as I do that I think of how much power I actually have. I have the power to get up or remain where I am, the power to take action or wallow in self-pity, the power to speak or shut up, the power to be present wherever I am or be absent and irrelevant, the power to smile or frown, the power to choose what I think and to meditate upon...I Choose to live!!! By doing so I choose to seek, knock and find all that I need, to be the best version of myself possible!

I am studying JOY at present. Yes, this illusive, intangible and invisible emotion. What I have found out about joy is quite fascinating, my joy and your joy is totally dependent upon the thoughts and feelings that you allow into your mind! So the same way I have been saying thoughts: feelings and actions - it’s the same thoughts and feelings that make up your joy!!

Wooow - that revelation has made so much sense! It’s the potential reason why I feel like my feelings have been at times out of my control. My brain that contains my mind which develops my emotions why I cannot afford to think or dwell on what or where I could have been if it were not for the events of my brain – please go to for more information.

You may be able to relate to what I am saying and/or the image of the tree above? I’d like to encourage you and I that things may appear dormant, stuck, non-progressive or even dead! I am encouraged not only because I am a believer, but also because life is a process, situations are a process in fact everything we go through has its own process that we MUST go thROUGH even if it is indeed ROUGH! Just like this tree, you and I have the strength to go through the process! You are being planted deeper and deeper and when your season comes, you will bring forth solid fruit. Be of good courage and smile knowing that it will soon end and joy will be experienced!!

#I Choose to be joyful!!!!

#I Choose to train myself to view my life in seasons

#I Choose to seek and find a reason to smile and be grateful

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Such and inspiring read xxxx

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