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Love The Health of Your Brain! - Book your 30 minute free discovery call

Do you think about your brain?

Do you think about the health of your brain?

Do you know that what you eat can prematurely age your brain?

I can understand if these questions never enter your mind as I have only become so conscious about it since having a brain injury! Our brain is one of the most incredible organs in our body. A body without a brain is the same as a computer without a memory...!

So do you take care of this incredible organ? How do you take care of your brain daily?

Since Be Brain Fit for Work and Life summit, I have been even more conscious about what I have control over and can do more of in relation to the health of my brain. One of the brain health tips I mentioned at the summit was to do something new/different daily. What can you introduce yourself to that is completely new that you can experience being a novice at?

I have decided to learn the piano.

My 9 year old daughter is doing I have decided to take on the challenge myself. I have an app, I have a piano and now I plan on spending at least 10mins a day on the piano. I am officially starting today. Wish me luck!

I have also started juicing fruit and vegetables a lot more. I have never been one for kiwi or pomegranate but I tried them both in a fruit and vegetable cocktail mix that I 'concocted'! It was absolutely delightful and refreshing - my husband didn't say much - he only finished one of the bottles of juices - that was enough to give me a thumbs up!

Juicing really makes a difference to ones overall 'feeling' for the day. It really does allow you to Feed Your Brain and on top of that you feel more alert, energised and happier inside and out. Yes that tagline I also introduced at the Summit...#FlipTheScript has also forced me take back control of whatever negative mood or state I find myself in and flip it so that i switch into a more positive 'can do' state! Its great!

Have a discovery call with me and we can find out where the health of your brain is today and what steps you can start taking today to show your brain more love.

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