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Movement Through ACTion!

12 years today my life changed forever!!! No joke!!! 1st of April 2010 ( !

Yep, the brain aneurysm episode happened on April fools day...of all 365 days of the year! Now that's one day and date that I will never forget. I am alive, well and LAUGHING!!!!! Who would have thought that I would have been able to use my life's experience in this way to, to serve, support and guide those that have experienced a brain injury and even those that have not experienced such an event, yet feel that life has thrown them a 'hard not life!'.

Well, let me tell you, I have plenty of reasons and excuses to sit and wallow in a corner and accept the life that appears to be dicing out ONLY hard! BUT #I Choose...NO EXCUSES!

In-spite of a brain injury, in-spite of memory challenges that knock my self confidence...#IChoose to be grateful. #IChoose to use this experience to better the lives of others! #IChoose to believe that I can turn the negative circumstances into a positive - hence becoming a Dr Amen Licensed Brain Health Coach and a Certified Neuroencoding Specialist. I am grateful that I am alive and able to serve others in this way.

Hence, it gives me great pleasure to announce...and the reason why I focussed all my blogs since January on next virtual summit. It will be held on May 13th and 14th 2022. It will feature some brain training from myself as well as (and my heart warms), experts from the medical field who specialise in the brain injury, rehabilitation/after care support, charities and survivors (including those that have used their experience to bless and impact others).

My dogged and persistent nature allowed me to follow through on ACTions (it was not perfect - I missed some calls, meetings and emails but I just brushed myself off and pressed on!). This has now all contributed to the wealth of knowledge and experience of people that will be present at my summit. I am honoured to have such a line up...

You can expect to see and hear from medical professionals that specialise in brain injury, charities that focus on after-care support and brain warriors themselves - and they will speak, share and educate us on this subject and how they have used their story to impact the world.

I am so pleased! I am so grateful that my summit is at this point! Being grateful breeds strength - strength from within and without. I conquered the negative thoughts that attempted to plague my mind! Again - so grateful (Thanks Coach :-)).

#IChoose Persistence

#IChoose to be Grateful

#IChoose to Serve Others - Seeking Opportunities to use my Experience as the Connector - Giving Strength and Reasons to Live Life to its Fullest!

#IChoose Action, it has Moved me Forward!

#IChoose to Enjoy the Experience and Value that Shall be Gained and Received Throughout the Summit

Please register for my summit: Be Brain Fit for Work and Life -


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