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My Close Friend of Choice - Persistence!

Life is a series of events, circumstances, situations and moments!

Whether good or bad life happens! Friendships and relationships are tested, ones emotional state can be compromised, physically one can feel torn apart, tattered or even battered! How about when one feels that everything that can go wrong or can be forgotten happens!

Refuse to give up!

In fact think on it from another perspective!!! Choose to give up on taking the easy route of life...Choose to give up on everything that refuses to contribute to your growth!

I almost gave up on a action that I had committed to on my Brain Aneurysm Awareness Summit. I had committed to developing a WhatsApp community but there was always something that went wrong or distracted me, or I didnt have the right phone number (as some of the Overcomers are international) etc. and it got to the point where I questioned whether it was necessary or not.

I silenced those questions that were giving me reasons to stop me from following through on such a simple activity!

Its now one of my wins for May! I set up the community anyway! I gave up on questioning whether I should do it or not, questioning the value of setting it up, questioning whether its still worth doing it after quite a while after the summit etc. Anyway - I set it up and oh my goodness, the exchange of experience, the highs and the lows exchanged - everything discussed has been life enriching! I can already see positive growth in the mindset of my new formed friends and community. The motivational videos, the encouraging words that have been shared and genuinely asking after one another has humbled me to the core.

Again I am humbled and excited to see the growth of this community. What this brief experience has taught me is actually around persistence - in spite of the resistance through the constant questioning - I persisted, in spite of the constant disconnections - I persisted, in spite time going by - I persisted, in spite of excuses filling my mind - I persisted and won!

#IChoose to silence anything and everything that prevents, delays or disturbs my ability and desire to follow through on an action that has a bigger and greater gain!

#IChoose to remain close to my friend Persistence


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