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My Friend Persistence!

I made a decision. I imagined how I would feel achieving that goal. I felt the joy within rumbling. That feeling, that joy of winning provoked me to action!

Ironically my immediate environment was not in its typical state’. My husband had travelled, my eldest daughter was at home on summer break , I was taking her to tennis camp and my youngest daughter was at nursery.

Yet! I made a decision! I made a decision to commit to 2 programmes that required at least 7-10 hours of study each in addition to an exam! My desire to win was part of my inner strength! I gave room for no excuses…oh and I should add that I am also working…yet…I gave no room for excuses!!! My desire to win was stronger!

My desire to win was stronger than the thought of waiting...waiting for that ideal state to start something new under perfect circumstances and conditions!!

In these moments I realised how ones desire can drive, determine and deliver results under imperfect conditions! The goal I had set for myself were qualifications that equip me to coach and empower not only myself but also others to actively manage the health of their brain!!! Woooow what a position to be in! Within 7 days I had won! The commitment, concentration and undeniable focus were my ingredients!

I am now a Dr Amen Licensed Brain Health Trainer and Licensed .Neuroencoding Specialist!

I am humbled to be in such a position of knowledge, support and guidance. The route to get here was far from ideal! Yet I persisted regardless of the imperfect timing and circumstance I found myself in!


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