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...Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile...

I have been a fan of the movie 'Annie' since I can remember. I am so proud to share that with you - just like The Sound of Music....oh my...these are absolute classics. If you were to ask how many times I have watched both movies from beginning to end - I'm talking about the originals...ive watched them both easily over 50 times each. Either Christmas or maybe even Easter these were guaranteed movies to watch!

My oldest daughter has been singing a lot of the songs in Annie for an exam, so much so that my youngest daughter has picked up the lyrics. I must have been having one of those moments as I was not in the happiest or brightest of moods. My 3 year old came up to me and said...Mummy your not smiling...your not fully dressed yet! In that moment any annoyance or tension immediately released! My daughters genuine concern and reminder struck me! The power of a smile!

I ask myself who is control of my moments, my right right now? I AM! So, with that acknowledgement, responsibility and acceptance of that...regardless of what I remember and do not remember #I Choose how it impacts and/or affects me!

A smile can only bring a sense of joy, peace and calm...even if it feels like its just for a moment! Yet even with that, #I Choose how long that moment lasts right?? Therefore - whatever I am faced with, whether its financial, relational or mentally related, you know what #I Choose to take control and face it with a SMILE! By inhaling, exhaling and placing a smile on my face will make things that little bit easier to handle. So #I Choose to accept the challenge that my 3 year old daughter has unconsciously set for me - to ad'dress' every conversation, discussion, task, meeting, what I remember and what I do not remember with a smile! There is certainly power in smiling...its not something that we have to learn, buy or borrow! Its at our disposal and its not something that you have to remember!!!

Henceforth -

#IChoose to make smiling part of my personality

#IChoose to find reasons to smile constantly

#IChoose to smile when there is a reason to smile

#IChoose to smile

#IChoose to find reasons to make people smile!


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