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Pained! Yet iChoose to take responsibility!

First of all, I wanted to send a shout out to my avid readers out there, THANK YOU for reading, commenting, liking and sharing my blog. You make sharing my vulnerabilities worth it! Thank YOU.

And that’s exactly what I do in my blog. I willingly share my vulnerabilities. I no longer care or seek the permission or acceptance of anybody before I share my thoughts or take action these days. The freedom that that has given me is something else!

Today I’m going to share something that has happened recently. I’ve been pained by something that I take responsibility for, but the reaction of this person has shocked me. Someone that knew me before I was born! Even though the situation occurred as a result of the Arterial Venus Malformation (I experienced in 2010) I have accepted responsibility. Its funny because I am reminded by a previous blog that I wrote. I spoke about responsibility and reacting in the context of a situation or circumstance that you did to yourself or had been done to you. I have chosen to respond to the reaction of another person!

Seriously, the fact that I have taken responsibility helps to reduce the pain and hurt that I would otherwise feel! Taking responsibility is the way to go! iChoose my response! iChoose how I will respond and I refuse to allow anything or anyone to dictate that! #iChoose to take control!

That’s my learning, take responsibility for your life and EVERYTHING that happens within it! Doing that will remove the power that you would otherwise give to something or someone! YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!

#iChoose to smile even when it’s not easy

#iChoose to take control

#iChoose my responses to everything concerning my life!

#iChoose to learn and continue to learn from my mistakes and my wins


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