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Seek Joy Every Day!

It takes the same effort to smile as it does to frown! It takes the same effort to think of something positive as it does to think of something negative! So why do we quickly defer to a negative stance on things??

This thought...these questions came to me after a Bible Study session with my girlfriends. I found it to be so relevant to where I am right now at this moment. I’m searching for a job whilst at the same time exploring opportunities to make extra income that would allow me to focus on blogging, be around and present with my family and as much as possible continue to strive and grow!

That’s why I am attracted to joy!

#iChoose to be joyful

#iChoose to be grateful for the little things...

I Choose to embrace all the good things that I have in my life and say out loud how grateful I am for them.

Gratitude is such a powerful posture to stand in! It gives strength, it gives clarity of thoughts, it gives joy within.

With this strength, clarity and joy within, building on top of itself and generating a good aura around you - how can one have any negative feelings or subsequent actions?

Hence why I know without question, that there is power behind thinking, reading and speaking to oneself positive thoughts. These positive thoughts can grow through consistent affirmations or confessions! Turning my iChoose statements into affirmations would be a great start. I cannot tell you how much I am seeking joy. I have taken responsibility to seek it so it becomes part and parcel of who I Am! My iChoose statements are a building block for this!

In fact, I am going to place myself on a challenge! Funnily enough, it’s a new month approaching. So for the first 7 days of August (and because iChoose is one of my daily memory exercises), I shall post something relating to that - something to do with my daily memory exercises, such as:

1) an iChoose statement that I have decided to focus or meditate on

2) an action that I will do every day on a particular day and/or time

3) sending a note or calling someone with a note of encouragement !!!

August is the 8th month of the year - 8= new beginning. Therefore in this new month of August:

#iChoose to seek out joy throughout the day,

#iChoose to do and build systems that will support me in following through to complete all my commitments,

#iChoose to inhale....and exhale....deeply as I take control of my atmosphere and environment.


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