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September to Remember

A new month has begun...8 days in...and I have started it differently.  I was mulling over the months so far and I found myself thinking about how I can end this year (and what a year 2020 has been...for the world) with a bang!! 2021 must start off in a big and great way such that my family and I have experienced yet!

As I was pondering, I realised that my new year doesn’t have to start on the 31st December fact it can start now!...Right Now...starting in my mind!  

That was an explosive revelation for me...not because I haven’t thought about it before, but because I am in a position to intentionally focus on my new year right now - coupled with taking immediate action before the new year begins!!!  That’s how I have chosen to make the rest of my September matter!  

To make this happen I have been asking myself the following (and you should ask yourself similar) questions: 

  • Is there something I can do, say or think differently that will challenge and/or propel my goals/desires?

  • Is there something that I can start or finish that would raise my level of joy and 

  • satisfaction if I were to start taking action RIGHT NOW!

  • Are there relationships that I need to initiate, mend or (dare I say it!) dissolve for stronger and meaningful conversations that push me forward?

  • What new habits can I start that will enrich and strengthen me such that following through on the necessary actions are more easily remembered?

By thinking ahead and thinking forward is how I can and will make my September a month to remember.  The thought of taking action on the above 5 points will also help to trigger my mind to think along a certain path that will help me remember more.  There is no science behind it but I have found that when I put myself in a position to think ahead...the more I actually remember!!

#I Choose to reset, restart and refocus on my plans and goals

#I Choose to take immediate action on actions i remember

#I Choose September to be a great month to remember!


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