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Taking action in uncertainty


Lost in thought in my mind.


Lost physically.

There have been times where I am driving and I forget where i am heading. In those moments I used to get annoyed, angry and upset. Asking myself why can’t I just remember the smallest things! There are other times where I am driving and I get to a roundabout. I’d find myself going round and round and round and round the roundabout asking myself where am I going again? What am I supposed to be doing again? I would take a ‘punt’ and take an exit. Still digging deep into my memory as per where I’m supposed to be going! In these moments, what I found quite funny and at the same time amazing, was that as soon as i made the decision to take a particular exit (even when I still was not sure of where I was heading), as soon as I made that move I would (more often than not) remember where I was going. So picture this, I’ve left home with a purpose and destination, I either get lost a long the way or I‘d lose sight of where I’m supposed to be going. I would approach a round about. As long as I continued going round and round and round the roundabout I wouldn’t remember! On the other hand, in spite of my irritation, annoyance and anger, I questioned myself, digging deep into my memory and refusing to go back home or call my husband. I was critical, so critical of myself for not remembering, not remembering to write it down. Or even writing it down, but not remembering where I wrote it or where I put the paper that I wrote it on! It was like a vicious circle! Eventually, once I had calmed myself down (still going round the roundabout), I would make a decision to take an exit. In that moment of choosing and taking the exit, I would remember! I would remember where I was heading! I tested this a few times. As long as I took action, I would eventually remember! Even in uncertainty, take action! It’s in the actions that one takes that you then receive answers/clarity over what needs to be done. Therefore, I choose to take action even when I am uncertain about what to do or where to go. I choose not to be hard or critical of myself, period. I choose to make decisions knowing that clarity will eventually show itself as long as I take action!

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This resonates with me so well! Wow.... even when I’m not sure take action. Take action! Keep doing something. You feel more frustrated when you don’t do anything. Thanks Annabelle! Wow. This is a take for me personally

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