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Taking Control of my VisualisACTion

Taking control of my VisualisACTion!

Recently I have been awe struck by the beauty and incredible-ness (an Annabel-ism :-)) of creation. I’m talking about the Moon, Stars and most particularly the Sun!

When I look at the sun rise and the sun set it triggers an immediate smile, calm and a sense of inner peace within me! Inner peace that has resulted in more clarity and ideas even regarding my Virtual summit (13th and 14th May 2022)! What I love about looking at creation is that (and it may sound odd!!! but) it cannot be interrupted, changed or manipulated by man! It is what it is and it is where it is!!

No one can say to the sun, moon or stars; your not in the right position or your not bright enough or your not the right colour!!! I say that latter point as I saw something quite unbelievable with my own eyes - the moon which we know to be white in colour, what I saw was an orangey/yellowey moon! I was amazed and in awe!!!

In that moment I was relaxed…I was in a quiet space…I could hear the sounds of birds as late as it at night (22:00)…I could also hear the speed of the cars passing by and….you know what!!!! I was grateful!!!! Grateful that I could see and appreciate the hues of the sky, grateful that what I could see was bringing a smile that could not be explained! Grateful that the creator God himself was so detailed in absolutely everything that He created! Then I had a sudden remembrance of everything that I wanted to do/complete in the day! All the things that I wanted to do but had not done...YET!

Woooooow! - immediately I wrote down what I remembered and acted on them (as late as it was...!) immediately.

I learnt something…I need to be and remain in a place of gratitude and calm. A calm environment that allows me to be and really feel the gratitude in that moment. Gratitude and calm helped me to remember and take immediate action - action that eventually allowed me to achieve the goals that I had set for the day!!!

#IChoose to create and remain in a calm environment

#IChoose to be grateful

#IChoose to feel the gratitude that I am declaring!

#IChoose to enjoy and soak in the visual beauty and hues of the sky as the sun sets and rises!!!

#IChoose to take control by talking immediate ACTion even when I place myself in visualisation mode!


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