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The Audacity to Change My Story!

#IChoose to Change my story not from now! But from RIGHT NOW! Yes I’ve said it! #IChoose To Change My Story!

I have consciously chosen to take full and complete responsibility for who I am now and who I intend on becoming! I don’t have time to wait for the perfect time and continue to wait or even blame challenges that are on a mission to hold me back or down! No! I have to give permission to do that...and if I had given permission I’m taking it all right back RIGHT NOW!

My story has changed! #I Am Changing My Story! I have consciously made changes about what I listen to and surround myself with. Building oneself up is so important. One has to want it! In fact, to change - the one that needs to change also needs to want to change - otherwise any effort expended by any other party is meaningless and fruitless.

Therefore I have decided to take responsibility of my life once again and fight to #Change My Story...for the better...!!

One of the first things I must do is...wait for it!....laugh!...I’m going to take myself through a LaughAThon. Yep- a LaughAThon and it’s starting NOW. Every day I’m going to find a reason not only to smile...but to laugh!

Join me on my LaughAThon! As often as possible I will post what made me laugh in that day - and it can even be more than once!!! I’m looking forward to this...

I have chosen to #Change My Story by starting to laugh as often as possible.

I’m already smiling!

#IChoose To Smile

#IChoose To Have The Audacity To Change My Story!

#IChoose To Take Responsibility!

#IChoose to be Back Writing my Blogs More Frequently!

#IChoose To Follow All The way Through my #Today I Choose journal! (

Join me on my LaughAThon Challenge!!! Watch this space!!


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