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The Audacity to Persevere!

The caption of this picture struck me. It captures the reason why I must continue to blog. I have 2 girls and they are watching their mother every single day, picking up on what I do (and what I do not do). One of the most beautiful things that my eldest daughter shared with me just this week - was that she reads my blogs! I thought WHAT! where, when and how do you get to read my blogs?

I apparently leave it open on my laptop and as long as its open she would always read through it. I was so touched and glad that she did that.

It made me think that there are people watching you and taking note of what you are doing

(or not!) without you realising. Your perseverance, consistency and relentless attitude all play a part.

Hence, quitting is not an option for me!:

#IChoose to persevere

#IChoose not to quit!

#IChoose to be relentless

#IChoose to go all out and finish everything I start!!

#IChoose to be audacious

#IChoose to live a life of audacity!

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