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The #ABI Bill Moves Forward!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

December has been a great month so far!

The Government have agreed to support people living with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or those that may be living with other neurological conditions that have the potential to cause or trigger an ABI. This Bill offers a collaborative cross-party approach that will strengthen and ensure that all those that have had or are impacted by an ABI have knowledge of and access to the facilities and services required to restore and equip people - so that they can return to some form of 'normality'!

I am honestly so happy to hear and read this!

My joy comes from my own experience and the constant questioning I would give to my Neuropsychologist. I would enter each session with a book full of question - why there was not a more extensive and longer lasting service for anyone who had encountered a brain injury?, or having survived a brain injury where does one go to receive support, motivation and encouragement on how to get out of the emotional prison that one felt that they were in!?

There was one particular session - I remember clearly - when I was asking questions like:

- What services are available to people that have gone through a brain injury?

- What services are available once they have been officially discharged?

- What real support is available when you are confused - confused about who you are, where and what stage of life you are in?,

-Who can you speak to when you have random and unthinkable thoughts entering your mind that could inevitably cause you to harm others and maybe even get to the extreme point of being Sectioned?

-What if you are convinced that you are in a dream - so whatever you 'think' you can do in the 'dream' you can wake up from!?


All these questions and thoughts entered my mind and it was God that kept me. God held me close and guided me.

So it is from this viewpoint that I voiced my 'hurt, pain and a feeling of helplessness' for those that may have acted on negative and intrusive thoughts because of the brain injury! How can the NHS prevent people from harming themselves, others or even being 'sectioned'?, if only the right people, resources and perhaps interventions were available and accessible - during and after a brain injury?...and even after being discharged - there still needs to be a window open and available for support if and when needed! The #AVM Bill is a fantastic start!!!

I am grateful for Chris Bryant for spearheading this #AVMBill. As the Bill goes through the next stage I will share how it progresses and its practical impact on the AVM Survivors and their family.

#IChoose to remain close and continue to blog about the progress and the practical implication of the #AVM Bill!


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