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The Flush of Ideas When in my Happy Place!

My girls run to my room most mornings screaming about what they can see in the sky. Either it’s the sun rising or sun setting and the beauty of the hue!!! I’ve blogged about this before and I just have to do it again.

The birds chirping away is such a peaceful and soothing way to wake up to! No man or technology can interfere or interrupt that! I have found my happy place!

Since finding, enjoying and looking forward to experiencing being in my ‘happy place’ , I experience a sense of calm and also a flush of ideas concerning the things on my mind and in my heart!

In my happy place I had a thought…I thought to contact my Neuropsychologist! The neuropsychologist that allowed me to free my mind…I would talk, challenge, question and query everything!!! I would throw my thoughts out at her, I would cry, I’d be quiet, I’d be annoyed, I’d let loose all my frustrations!!! There was no judgement, no condemning or no shame thrown back at me!!! Just maybe I can get her to speak at my summit!!! Just maybe!!! Either way grateful that I am back in touch with her!

What is your ‘happy place’? Your happy place that you can:

- Run to and not be disturbed?

- Count on to find solace

- Rely on and calm your thoughts and feelings…?

First 1/4 in to 2022 and right now, at this moment, I am smiling! I decided to smile not because of anything specific except ‘just because’!! Finding my happy place has made a huge impact. Thank God for the beauty of the hue in the sky as the sun rises and sets! What unexplainable beauty- I took the picture in this blog from my house!!! Grateful that I can experience such beauty!!!

#IChoose to enjoy my happy place

#IChoose to immediately arrest any self sabotaging thought and replace it with positive meaningful thoughts!

#IChoose to register and attend the 'Be Brain Fit for Work and Life Summit' on the 13th and 14th May! (


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