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The Joy or Remembering

Last week I set myself a challenge... and I passed it...wooopwooowwoooop. Your probably thinking - what was the challenge? Well, I now know a phone number that I used to know with ease, I can recite it with ease and few (if any) errors. That was the challenge I set myself - to remember a mobile number.

I've come across and suggested ways of remembering things. What's funny is that I unconsciously applied a process to learning and remembering the mobile number. The first 5 figures are standard nos that are typical of a mobile no. I then looked at the next 3 nos and asked myself 'how can I remember you'? When I focused on the numbers, I realised that if I added 2 nos together it would equal one of my favourite nos.

I then looked at the last three digits, again I asked myself, 'how can I remember you'? Within a few moments again I noticed that the numbers were sequential bar one number and that 'missing' number was another favourite number of mine...(don't ask...I have a 'thing' about numbers and there meaning). So for example - instead of the last 3 digits being e.g. 345 it was 356 - the number 4 was missing and that missing no was my favourite number. Hope that makes sense?

By the end of the day, I had mastered the phone number. I ran downstairs and shared it with my husband and a few ladies who I had started exchanging my wins with. As I was sending the voice note to them, I started to cry...with joy of course...Something so simple and even meaningless to some, to me meant more than I realised. It was a win! #IRemembered. #IRecalled the number. #IHadOvercomeSomethingThatOnceUponATimeHadOvercomeMe! My joy was heartfelt. In hindsight I don't even think that it had anything to do with the number per se, it was the fact that I managed to remember it and everyday after that!

By achieving this, it proved that I was in control and responsible for any and all the changes that I wanted to see and experience. I can decree and declare the changes that I wanted to see and experience, I could talk about those changes and even have an accountability partner, BUT at the end of the day only I am the one that could make and be committed to any change that I want to see in my own life!

I need to take responsibility of the change that I want to see and experience. The real and permanent change that I desire starts with me. The attention I paid to remember the number proved how much easier something can become when you focus and pay attention. The phone number is my husbands - so you can imagine how many times its been called, written down and recited - yet I have never been able to recall it until now!

#I focussed,

#I paid attention to it and

#I found a way!

That's my learning, focus, pay attention and a way can and will reveal itself!

I'm so full of proud of me! :-). This week, my challenge is to #followthrough on the activities/actions that I schedule in Alexa.

#IChoose to BE full of joy

#IChoose to Repeat to Remember

#IChoose to accept responsibility for the real change that I am seeking

#IChoose to stick at what I am pursuing until I win!

#IChoose to remember more and more - #exercising my memory whenever possible

#IChoose to find joy in the process of remembering and remembering more!


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