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The Year of FIRSTs: My First Journal

This weekend (23/01/21) has to be one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time...It was my birthday... yeahhhhh (20 something again) and I had a weekend of pampering, a makeover, a new wardrobe, a Zoom celebration AND the launch of my FIRST (of many FIRSTs) journal! I was blown away!

My journal is real, my blogsite is real and my blog site has now been transformed into an E-Commerce site so I can sell my own products on my own website! What an achievement! What a motivator to keep me going!

The IChoose journal captures my heart on paper! my journey so far, my thoughts, my feelings and my actions all written down and from the perspective of asking you and I prompting and thought provoking questions that will jolt you and I into immediate action!

Its available to pre-order: and I promise you that you will enjoy the journey that the journal will take you on - it will surely shift and alter your current mindset and experience tangible results.

This is the FIRST time I can remember that my year has started off with something new, something different, something original...and something simply amazing. Completing and releasing this journal has caused my neurons to go on overdrive. I have been buzzing since my weekend celebration and this is just the beginning of the year.

The awareness I have realised this weekend is that how I feel about myself has some form of connection to what I remember. Not sure if that is scientific? But I have remembered more and I have been more productive in my days and not just busy for the sake of being busy. It has made me ask myself whether (or how much) - one feels about oneself affects your ability to remember more and be more active in a day??? I am curious...and I need to look into that!

I am buzzing...go and get the journal!

Whilst you get yourself ready to purchase the journal, let me ask you! in this new year!

1) Do you have an audacious goal that will result in something that you are achieving for the FIRST time?

2) What is your audacious (or FIRST time of achieving) goal for this month? and

3) What is your audacious (or FIRST time of achieving) goal for this week? and

4) What is your audacious (FIRST time of achieving) goal for today?

I have declared this year 2021 to be my year of #FIRSTS and #AUDACITY!!!!!! Hence the use of the nouns #FIRSTS and #AUDACTITY will be used repetitively – and they will be used more and more…Get Ready! #IAMREADY!!! for this year 2021 to be of many great #FIRSTs and a year of #AUDACITY!

#IChoose to make every day an opportunity to be audacious!

#IChoose to experience many (great) FIRSTS everyday this year 2021!

#IChoose to get used to starting and following through on my commitments!

Looking forward to taking this life transforming journey with you...

Pre-order your journal - you will love your transformation! -


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